Scarborough North Yorkshire Points of Interest

This is the ultimate guide to Scarborough North Yorkshire points of interest. Here we have listed things to see on the east coast that you really can not miss if you are in the area.

Photos of some of the Scarborough North Yorkshire points of interest

If you are in Scarborough on holiday or even just a day trip here is a list of east coast things to see that will blow your mind. There are some lovely places along the east coast, which if you did not read this you would probably miss on your trip.

South side Scarborough North Yorkshire points of interest

If you are in Scarborough for the day then you really should check out all the south bay attractions.

First of all there is the Harbour Bar in Scarborough, the ice cream is amazing and the coffee is good too. Trust us, this is a place you should definitely visit, with or without the kids.

Strawberry ice cream at the Harbour Bar in Scarborough on Foreshore Road

After that you should definitely check out the amusements. If you want to do some bowling then you can do so at Olympia Leisure.

The amusements in Scarborough on Foreshore Road

After you have checked out the arcades then there is Scarborough beach to take a lovely stroll along. Scarborough has 2 beaches, the south bay beach has the arcades and the Scarborough north beach has the chalets.

Scarborough south beach

If you fancy a walk then you can head off round the Marine Drive which links both Scarborough beaches. As you walk round the Marine Drive you will see Scarborough Castle and some large white pyramids, which is Scarborough Sea Life Centre.

Scarborough Castle

If you walk along the south bay beach in Scarborough you will see two rather large buildings. One of those is the Grand Hotel and the other is the Spa.

Scarborough Yorkshire town centre is not far from either of the Scarborough beaches, just a short walk away.

North side points of interest in Scarborough

If the hustle and bustle of the south side is not your thing then you should check out the north side of Scarborough. This is the best place for walks.

Scarborough North Beach

The Scarborough north beach has the chalets lining its promenade. If you walk down the promenade you will head to the Sea Life Centre and the Scarborough Open Air Theatre.

If you walk a bit further round Scarborough north bay you will head straight for Peasholm Park which is not just a lovely walk. There you can check out the chinese gardens, go on the boating lake, watch the Naval Warfare, walk round the glen or have a game of putting in the sun.

Peasholm Park

If you are with the kids then the miniature railway is always worth a look, this is open all year apart from 5th January to the 13th February.

Other East Coast tourist attractions

There are loads of east coast tourist attractions to choose from, many of which are not too far from Scarborough. All of these attractions near Scarborough are only a short drive or bus ride away.

Cayton Bay

So other east coast points of interest include Cayton Bay and Filey, which are a short drive south of Scarborough.

Filey Beach

If you don’t mind heading a bit further south of Scarborough then Bridlington is a super day out with the kids.

Bridlington Beach

Now heading not too far north of Scarborough is a few places that you really should not miss.

First of all if you head up the east coast you will come to Robin Hoods Bay, which is a super walk and has some lovely little shops and places to eat.

Robin Hoods Bay

One of our best days out on the east coast was at Whitby with the family. We usually go when it’s Goth weekend, although it is very busy if you go at this time of year.

Whitby Beach

On the drive up to Whitby from Scarborough you get to take in the lovely views across the Yorkshire moors. If you have time then you should definitely check out Falling Foss, which is inbetween Scarborough and Whitby. It’s a great place to go to break up the journey and is one of the things to do in Yorkshire Moors that you should not miss.

Whitby Abbey from the beach

One of the best east coast sights to see has to be Whitby Abbey Yorkshire. Other things to do near Whitby North Yorkshire is a trip to Sandsend, our kids absolutely love it there.

Sandesend beach near Whitby

Heading further up the East coast other points by the sea you shoudl check out include Runswick Bay and Staithes.

Runswick Bay

This should well be enough things to do near Scarborough North Yorkshire. Visiting all of these place is an absolute must, you will enjoy all of these places.

If I had to choose just one of the places to see in Scarborough then I would go for Peasholm Park every time.

If I had to choose just one of the places near Scarborough to visit then I would go for Sandsend via Whitby.

There are so many things to do near Whitby and Scarborough that you can’t fail to have a good day trip or holiday here.

This is a lot of stuff to do in and around Scarborough and if you are limited on time then you might not get round it all.

To help you decide which points of interest you are to check out during you time in Scarborough you should take a look at our youtube channel.

We have videos of each and every one of the east Yorkshire tourist attractions mentioned on this page.

There are so many more things to do in Scarborough with kids than we have mentioned here. But do not worry, we have done another post cover all of this for you.

If this little lot is not enough for you then we also recommend a day out in York. We do this on a regular basis just because their cinema is so much better than the one in Scarborough.

If you have kids and you visit York the be sure to check out the Piglets Adventure Farm Park and York Maze. These are great days out and are not too far away from Scarborough.

Points by the sea not to be missed

Things to do near Scarborough that are a short car drive or bus rise away include:

  • Cayton Bay.
  • Filey Beach.
  • Bridlington Beach.
  • Robin Hoods Bay.
  • Visit Whitby.
  • Sandsend.
  • Runswick Bay.
  • Staithes.

Who would have thought that sightseeing in Scarborough would be so much fun. The main places to go in Scarborough include the North Bay Beach, Scarborough Castle and the unmissable Peasholm Park and Chinese Gardens.

If you have any other east coast sights that really should be included in the list then please leave a comment for others.

Sights of interest

The main two sights of interest in and around Scarborough would be Scarborough Castle and Whitby Abbey. Although Staithes is a large fishing port that many will find interesting.


Staithes was the home to Captain James Cook, you can have a look at where he lived and take a look around the heritage centre.

Other things to do in Scarborough Yorkshire

Every year we always take the kids to Flamingo Land, they love to have a walk round the zoo there and even though our kids are quite young there are rides that they can go on.

Flamingo Land

Other things to do in North Yorkshire today include a visit to mini monsterz soft play area, a great one for people with kids and when it is raining.

As well as that there are a whole array of markets and car boots to visit in the area if that is more your thing.

The north east is full of places of interest and the number of places to visit near Scarborough North Yorkshire is vast, too many to mention here. Hopefully we have covered most of them around the entire site.

2 Responses to “Scarborough North Yorkshire Points of Interest

  • Terry Green
    9 years ago

    We love to go to Sandsend and Runswick Bay every year when we visit Scarborough and Whitby. Thanks for the tip about Falling Foss, we will take a look at that this year. We never get as far up the east coast as Staithes so we will venture up there if we get chance. Great info keep up the good work.

    • Scarborough-Yorkshire
      9 years ago

      We love Sandsend too, with Runswick Bay being so close you can do both beaches in the same day. Falling Foss is a great walk and is a great place to stop off on the way to Whitby from Scarborough. We also recommend driving through Rusward and getting a bacon sandwich from the very popular butchers there called Jacksons. Staithes is definitely worth checking out if you get chance.

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