Guide to Hotels in Scarborough

Scarborough has a large selection of hotels so it’s a good idea to read our guide to hotels in Scarborough before you book. Our first guide to hotels in Scarborough tip is to plan your holiday before you book a hotel.

Use this site to plan what you are going to do on your holiday in Scarborough. Then have a look through our hotel categories on our guide to hotels in Scarborough information below.

When you know what activities you are going to do during your stay it will help you decide if you want a hotel in the town centre, on the north side or south side. Our guide to hotels in Scarborough will help you find your perfect hotel.

Guide to hotels in Scarborough Activities

It is important that you have a look around this site and plan out what you are going to do on your holiday in Scarborough. When you have selected the activities you intend to do on your holiday in Scarborough come back to our guide to hotels in Scarborough page.

For example If you plan on spending a lot of time at the North Bay beach, having a walk round Peasholm Park and visiting the SeaLife Centre and Scarborough Castle then you would require a hotel on the north side of Scarborough.

Your next step now that you have decided where you want the hotel in Scarborough to be is to select a category of accommodation from our list below.

We have a good selection of accommodation listed on this site for you to choose from ranging from cheap hotels to premium and family hotels.

Guide to hotels in Scarborough Categories

Now you know what activities you are going to do on your stay in Scarborough it is time to select an accommodation category.

Cheap hotels in Scarborough is a list of Scarborough hotels that cost £40 or less for a one nights stay.

Premium hotels in Scarborough have to have a minimum 4 star rating and excellent reviews on

Family hotels in Scarborough are our child friendly hotels that provide good entertainment that all the family will enjoy.

B&B Scarborough is our collection of bed and breakfast accommodation in Scarborough.

Guest House Scarborough is our selection of accommodation that provide a more personal warm and friendly service.

Cottages in Scarborough are available to rent in the centre of Scarborough or on the outskirts.

Scarborough Self-Catering is available at very low prices based at the north and south side of Scarborough.

Scarborough Holiday Apartments are available at both ends of the scale, Scarborough has cheap and luxury apartments to rent.

Holiday Flats in Scarborough are available with sea views close to each beach and the town centre.

Camping in Scarborough is available at very cheap rates at one of the many caravan and camping sites in Scarborough.

Caravan Parks in Scarborough are available to the north and south of Scarborough close to all the activities.

When you have selected a category of accommodation head on over to that particular page on our site. You will notice that the hotels are listed under headings depending on what area of Scarborough they are in. Go to the area of Scarborough you require and click on the hotels details link to look at more photos and reviews of the hotel and to book a room.

To make it easier for you to find a hotel with excellent reviews we have a hotel rating system in place. When you are on one of our hotel pages and one of the hotels is highlighted in red you know that hotel has excellent reviews.

To get a red rating on our site the hotel has to have a 5 out of 5 rating from reviews on and a 6 out of 6 rating on from at least 50 reviews.

A red rating hotel means that hotel has excellent reviews; you should have a look through the reviews of each hotel on

If you need any more details on any particular hotel in Scarborough just send us an email or contact us through Facebook or Twitter and we will get back to you.

You should have a look through our stories about your visit to Scarborough page before you book your hotel. Visitors to this site are able to leave comments about their stay in Scarborough; here you can read about other peoples stay in Scarborough and find out good bits of information regarding hotels in Scarborough.

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